Kahawa House in Moshi

Tanzania Coffee Board was established by an Act of Parliament in 1993. It regulates activities of Coffee Industry in Tanzania Its main functions are:-

  • Regulatory
  • Supervisory
  • Advisory
  • Monitoring
  • Co-ordination
  • Representation

Other functions include Licensing all operators in coffee business and also conduct coffee auctions


Tanzania has Internal and external marketing systems


This system involves buying of coffee from farmers at designated buying posts. Following liberalisation of coffee trade in Tanzania, since 1994/95 coffee season, farmers became free to sell their coffee in cherry or parchment to any licensed coffee buyer. Every coffee buyer will have to get a licence from Tanzania Coffee Board after fulfiling the basic conditions underlying this type of business. For the purpose of monitoring coffee movements from farmers, the buyer must send all parchment and/or cherry to a licensed coffee processing factories and inform TCB accordingly. Prices are purely based on negotiations between farmers and coffee buyers. As on 31st December, 1998 Private coffee buyers were:-

  • Dorman (T) Ltd - Moshi
  • Taylor Winch (T) Ltd
  • Sherif Dewji & Sons Ltd
  • Olam (T) Ltd
  • Uneximp (T) Ltd
  • Mazao Ltd
  • Soochak Bush & Co
  • Tropex (T) Ltd


All clean coffee in Tanzania is sold through auctions conducted centrally by the Tanzania Coffee Board. Licensed coffee exporters participates in auctions held at the head office of the Board in Moshi twice every month. The auctions operates by a fall of hammer and coffee is sold EX licensed clean coffee warehouses. The seller in this case is coffee buyer whereas bidder is licensed coffee exporter. The above has proved to be the best marketing system for our Tanzania coffee whereby coffee buyers and farmers gets reward adequately

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map of Tanzania

Tanzania is situated 3 degrees south of the Equator in Africa continent. It borders Kenya, Uganda to the North, Rwanda, Burundi Congo to the West; Zambia to the south-west, Malawi, Mozambique to the South and the Indian Ocean to the East


Tanzania is under multi-party democracy and elections are based on universal suffrage. The elections are held every five years. It is politically stable country conducive for investment