Street children will be the lost generation if something is not done to help them. If they are not given the skills to support themselves as adults they will become criminals purely as a means of survival. Tanzania is a country of untapped potential. Street children are a particularly poignant example of this. Without help these children will never learn the basic life skills needed to have any sort of happy and productive future. When children fail to develop their capabilities it is a loss to them, their community and the nation.

It is our goal at Mkombozi to help street children to become healthy, well-adjusted adults. We have three main objectives; to re-unite street children with their families and community of origin, to rehabilitate those children who cannot return home so that they can become happy and self supporting members of  society and thirdly advocating for the rights and responsibilities of children to be recognised and responded to.

We believe that helping children to grow in body, mind and spirit, is the way to build a strong community. Mkombozi  responds to all street children in Kilimanjaro Region, numbering over a hundred and fifty. We  support street children enabling them to make informed decisions about the direction of their lives and take responsibility for their actions and their consequences.

Mkombozi runs a number of programmes, including street work, a feeding scheme and health care, non-formal and formal education, life skills and socialisation activities, vocational training and support when teenagers start to rebuild their lives. Children's rights to be safe from physical and sexual abuse are pursued by us through the courts and we provide a safe refuge for all children living on the streets, by operating both a Day Centre and a Night Refuge.

US $ 1,954  feeds 150 children three times a day for a month.

US $ 13  feeds a child three times a day for a month.

US $166  covers the monthly medical bills for 150 children.

US $104  a year enables Mkombozi to teach a child to read, write and basic                 mathematics.

US $1,250  covers annual primary school fees for 50 children, that is $25 a child.