The streeboys of Moshi Hello. We are the street boys of Moshi. We have no homes. We don't live with our families. We have never been to school. We go to the Mkombozi Centre for Streetchildren where we have been given our first and only chance. None of us have ever used a telephone. We have just used a computer for the first time. Technology doesn't matter to us - yet. We want food and shelter ......
The P6 class at International School MoshiH Hello. We're the P6 class at International School Moshi, Tanzania. We have homes. We live with our families. We go to a great school. We have just got the Internet at school. Technology is one of the keys to our future. We are lucky.
What we have been doing so far ............

Mr. Hudson (OUR TEACHER) got a leaflet from, Massachusetts and talked to Kate (The Mkombozi leader) about it (The leaflet.)  Then he asked us, (Mr. Hudson's class.) if we would like to do something to help Kate and the street kids at Mkombozi.
Six of the street kids came from the Mkombozi Centre to our school with their teacher, David. We met them and showed them around.

We then answered 31 questions about ourselves and changed some questions to make them better. Next we went to their Centre and asked them the same questions that we had already answered ourselves. We had to ask the questions in Swahili.

We typed our answers to the questions and we also typed up their answers to the questions. Some of us translated the questions into different languages like Japanese, French, German, Hindi, Gujarati, Danish and Kiswahili. Now everything that we have done for the Mkombozi children and ourselves will be typed and put on the Internet so that people around the world will read and help many street children (NOT ONLY STREET CHILDREN IN MOSHI!!)