Street children will be the lost generation if something is not done to help them. If they are not given the skills to support themselves as adults they will become criminals purely as a means of survival.
Tanzania is a country of untapped potential. Street children are a particularly poignant example of this. Without help these children will never learn the basic life skills needed to have any sort of happy and productive future. When children fail to develop their capabilities it is a loss to them, their community and their nation. 
All over the world abuse and torture against children goes unnoticed. Unseen, because adults are the perpetrators. Unheard, because children's voices are so small.
We believe that all children have rights. We believe all children have basic rights to clean water, health care, a roof to live under and clothing to wear. We believe children have the right to be respected for their minds and bodies; as any adult should have. We believe that no child should be forced into labour. All children should have the freedom to express themselves through play and discussion of important issues.
We believe that no child should be beaten, verbally or sexually abused. We believe that children have the right to lead safe and productive lives. We believe that one unprotected child is one too many.
< It is our goal at Mkombozi to help street children to become healthy, well-adjusted adults. Our first aim is to re-integrate children back into their family homes. We are committed to providing the basic necessities all children deserve. We are a staff of dedicated individuals working towards changing ideas which have been viewed as unimportant for too long.
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We believe that helping children to grow in body, mind, and spirit is the way to build a strong community.