Bangkok Pattaya Hospital

At Bangkok Pattaya Hospital we offer a wide range of rehabilitation needs
including post-orthopedic incident, musculo-skeletal and neurological
rehabilitation. Physiotherapy assessment is done by our physicians and
treatment by our team of skilled physical therapists using State of the Art
equipment. The programs are tailored individually for each patient.

The Physical Medical Rehabilitation has specialists and nursing staff
who are focused on restoring function. They care for children, adults and
handicapped patients with acute chronic pain, and musculoskeletal
problems including back and pinched nerves, tendonitis, fibromyalgia,
joint problems and neck pain.

We also offer alternative medicine, the well known ancient art of medical
treatment called 'Acupuncture'. Basically, Acupuncture is the procedure
of inserting fine needles into the skin to influence the body's physiological

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