Bangkok Pattaya Hospital

Bangkok Pattaya Hospital currently has 210 beds and a hospitalization service
which covers all aspects of medicine including Cardiology, Internal Medicine,
Pediatrics and Check Up Clinic. This new care centre is connected to the
original building and cost 250 million baht - approximately £4 million. It has 6
floors covering a total area of 9,000 square meters.

Located on the first floor is the Internal Medicine Center consisting of 30
examination rooms divided into clinics for General Internal Medicine,
Nephrology, Digestive, Neuro medicine and Dermotology. There is also a
Pediatrics Center with medical care services available everyday by
Pediatricians and Pediatric specialists such as Surgery, Digestive and

Located on the second floor are the Check Up Clinic and specialised
clinics including ENT, Eye and OB-GYN. The OB-GYN clinic is a
specialized center for women providing cancer examination and
treatment. The Check Up Clinic provides complete check up programs
by specialists that are available everyday. Inside the center is an
X-Ray unit and Special Equipment unit enabling several kinds of
examination to be done at the same time.

Located on the third floor is a large Laboratory Center and Cardiology
Center (CCU), with 8 beds, which provides complete medical care for
heart patients including Open Heart Surgery and Catheterisation with
State of the Art equipment. Heart patients will receive specialist
individual care by the Cardiologists, heart surgeons and anesthetists
at all times. The Hemodialysis Center is also located on the third floor.

Located on floors 4 - 6 are Inpatient Wards, all tastefully decorated
with the facility to provide comfort and convenience for our patient's
stay in the hospital. Physicians and nursing staff are on duty 24 hours
a day to provide continuous care.

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